Numit Kappa

Another feather on my blogging nest, it showcases the graphic designing stuffs. Most of the items have been created for the prose and poetry I wrote it on my main blog. Numit Kappa loosely means ‘shooting the sun’ in Manipuri. It is one of the early literary works in Meiteilon (Manipuri). Basically an allegory, it's a story with a strong political overtone, nonetheless having a universal theme: struggle for power, misery of the common people, tyranny and so on.

However, the story has nothing to do with these images. I have taken the name to conceptualise myself connecting to my root, to my true identity. I care for these things because I belong to a place so pathetic that an even more pathetic person like me needs to show some strong concern. Ours is a land where a ball of cotton is more expensive than a life, where the rivers flow swiftly with blood, where the air smells of dead animals, and where the azure skies play hide and seek with the crimson clouds. If you want to know the place I'm talking about, simply search on Google 'blood', 'killing', 'drugs', 'shits'--prefixed with Manipur.

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