I defy, therefore I am. Am I a graphic designer? No. Am I a photographer? No. Perhaps, I'm a Tarzan.

Woods, rivers, mountains
I said I love for love's sake
Tarzan, they called me.

Blogging is a passion. Nothing can beat it. So here I am. I love beautiful things in life, and I found them galore in artistic creation. Just a normal guy with a normal life, I earn my bread and butter working as a sub-editor in a publishing vendor. Otherwise you will see me working on some unknown blogging sites or strumming my guitar like Jimmy Page used to play when he was nine. I love graphics as much as I love literature. Wanna check my blog on prose and poetry? Right here: http://kapilarambam.blogspot.com/ or right there: http://haiku-haiyoba.blogspot.com/

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